Ex-02 14 th ICRC 2024 Cueva Mur

Ex-02 Cueva Mur

Tour-Id, Excursion Title: Ex-02 Cueva Mur
Difficulty:  Medium. No water cave. A narrow passage. -60 m. depth.
Duration:              (Total) 4 h.
Departure Time, Meeting point: Visit A: 9:00 Parking at the Sport Center.

Visit B: 15:30 Parking at the Sport Center.

Return Time: Visit A: 13:00 h.

Visit B: 20:30 h.

Max. Number of Participants: 10 pax
GPS Coordinates: 463.417 / 4.788.051
Access: From Ramales de la Victoria it is necessary to take the N-629, direction Burgos. At km 188 of this road (just 2 km from Ramales) the detour that leads to the cave car park is located on the left. From here, you go up a pedestrian path of about 400 meters.
Description: Show Cave, near Covalanas Cave.
Development:      2,300 meters
Elevation:              -60 metersThe entrance is 15 square meters sideways. At the end of it and to the right there is a small cathole, just after passing this hole, which was enlarged with dynamite, the ground descends again in a ramp about 13 m. There is a handrail on the right. A little later we will go up a small ramp (it has a rope) until we reach the laminator, with a very uniform section, although in its second half it is smaller than at the beginning, in the middle of its route there is a crack where you can rest, and where it changes direction. A platform at the end of the rolling mill, where a rope is placed until it reaches the long handrail, made up (in sections) of rope and steel cable that runs through the Sala de la Sima. At the end of the handrail, you can go straight ahead or place another rope to descend this large room.

It is very humid, with abundant mud and of great dimensions, the soil has a funnel shape, although very regular and of little slope, in its middle there are large blocks of rocks under which the sink is located where little by little they have been gone all the sediment that filled the room. Ascending about 10 m. To the left we find a large gallery that has a large, very slippery wash, said wash has a few gours in which there are cave pearls, soft and of very impure limestone.

At the end of this casting, the cave continues to the right through a new room, with several chasms smaller than 20 m. The floor in this room is made of medium blocks and clay. From here the gallery continues along some low corridors, with a very uniform gallery with a clay soil floor. After passing the “Meandros” gallery, head to the right to find the Pencil Room. Here, you must also find the “Paso de los Retales” on the right wall, a narrow cathole where you must enter face up and twist a bit until you have travelled about 20 meters. A wide gallery leads us directly to the “Sala de los Cristales” where it changes direction abruptly (180 degrees). This room and the galleries that emerge from it are clear, dry, with many stalactites and stalagmites of all kinds. At the end of this gallery, we will find the rope that we installed to go down to “La Gran Sima”. Again, the long handrail that now runs in the opposite direction will lead us back to the exit.

Costs: 20 € (guide service and collective material is included, transport by foot).
Food / Drink: Half journey, immediately return to village. At your own expense.
Accommodation: Not available.
Transfer: By foot.
Cave Tour: Access: https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-senderismo/ramales-de-la-victoria-cueva-mur-50698405
    Walk time to the cave: 40 min.
    Time in cave: 3:30 h.
    Temperature in cave: 12º C.
    Equipment needed: Full equip. No especial suit.
    Cave map:
Links:  https://www.celaontinyent.es/cueva-mur-en-ramales-de-la-victoria-cantabria/




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