Ex-04 14 th ICRC 2024 Coventosa Cave

Ex-04 Coventosa Cave

Tour-Id, Excursion Title: Ex-04 Coventosa Cave
Difficulty: Medium abseiling, for minors from 16 years old. No narrow passages. 180 m. depth approx.
Duration:                (Total) 4 h.
Highlights: Fantastic stalactite landscapes.
Departure Time, Meeting point: Visit A. 9:00 from parking at the Sport Center.

Visit B. 16:00 from parking at the Sport Center.

Return Time: Visit A: 13:00

Visit B: 20:00

Max. Number of Participants: 10 pax.
GPS Coordinates: 450.617/ 4.789.678 / 275
Access: https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-senderismo/cueva-coventosa-val-de-ason-28874204
Description: This cave is the lower exit of the Cueto-Coventosa crossing, the jewel of vertical caving in Cantabria and Spain. This journey begins with the descent of 300 m in a single vertical well, up to a maximum depth of 820 m. Its arduous exploration and numerous accidents give an idea of the extreme hardness of this journey. A journey desired by all but only suitable for the strongest and most experienced cavers. The visit, however, runs through the galleries of Coventosa.

It is known worldwide for the Gallery of Ghosts.


The visit you can do two levels of difficulty of caving:

The general visit for people over 16 years of age, is undoubtedly the most complete visit to the Asón Valley, rappelling, large galleries, sets of unique stalactites and stalagmites, as well as a privileged natural environment make it a unique and incomparable visit.                   The abseiling area is suitable for minors from 16 years old.

Costs: 30 € (guide service and collective material include, transport not included).

Reservations at www.escueladeespeleologia.es from September 5th.

Food / Drink: At your own expense.
Accommodation: At your own expense.
Transfer: Not available. At your own expense.
    Difficulty:  Medium (all techniques) water cave, no narrow passages.
  Approach time (car-entrance):             10 min

Elevation to the entrance:                    30 m

Elevation in the cave:                             about 180 m

    Time in cave:  Approx. 3 h.
    Temperature in cave: 12º C
    Equipment needed: Full equip. No special suit.
    Cave map: https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B7ncQZmhhzlvcGFobldkRHBuTnc
Links: https://www.clubviana.org/cantabria/


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